Discontinued Products

New Bifilar Mag

Previously called the NEW Bifilar MAG Coil

This has been replaced with two other coil options now available.  Sold for $75.


The Mono Coil which is a much larger and more powerful single winding coil.               or

The Bifilar Coil which is a larger version of the MAG and retains all the functionality albeit with a high power capability.

Machined Iron Core Slug
60 or 40 Watt Bulb

Previously called ‘Machined Iron Core Slug’

There is no replacement for this this part.  Sold for $5.

Previously called ‘60 or 40 Watt Black Bulb’

These bulbs where used with the Bob Beck Style PEMF.  They Sold for $5 each.


A 75 Watt Black Light is going to replace the Black Painted Bulbs. The previous bulbs required too much effort to blacken them and the Black Light bulb is an ideal replacement.                 

1 and 2 Channel

Plasma Balls

These Plasma Balls, single and two channel connection units have been discontinued.  A much more powerful and featured 6” Plasma Ball is under development.  These units where powered by 5 volts.  The new Plasma Ball is powered by 12 volts.

It is expected that the new Plasma Balls will have programmable features under an Arduino MPU controller.

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