Projects and this web site are slowly being synchronized.  After a long hiatus and posting to other websites and forums, it is time to bring those projects home to the AURORASKY website.  It is our philosophy to keep everything open source.  Please feel free to copy whatever pleases you as long as the source of this information is posted when used elsewhere.

Some projects list the hours and parts cost within the project history and description.  Any project stating a fabrication cost is defining how much the device will cost if I build the unit.  Send an email using the ‘Contact’ button if you are interested in an item.  PayPal is the preferred payment method but that is not always casted in concrete.  Shipping is not normally included and US Priority Mail is what is most often used.  Communication via email has always answered questions and cleared up any issues in the past.  Please start with an email and add a phone number if direct contact is desired.

Schematics, links, pictures and videos should provide enough open source material for readers to duplicate these projects.  Should you have any questions feel free to contact me via the ‘Contact’ link on lower left side of every page.


40 Hertz Flasher - Arduino MPU controlled standalone or will work in conjuction with a function generator as a WHITE and INFRARED LED flasher. (see MIT publication posted on this site on the “INTERESTING” page.  Expected delivery November 2017.

BOB BECK Modified Style Microcurrent Electric Field Delivery Device.  It is a Bob Beck 4 hertz pulser capable of having its frequency controlled buy a function generator.  Expected delivery December 2017

6” Plasma Ball Electric Field Delivery Device.  Twice as big and twice as powerful as the 3” Plasma Ball.  Additionally it will have a standalone runtime control feature that will be managed by an Arduino MPU. Expected delivery November 2017

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