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To complete an order, an email request must be sent via the blue Contact button on left side of every project page.  Only items listed on this page are available for order.  Presently accepting PayPal orders only!

Because of order demand and limited resources to build devices, orders expecting to take more than 2 week to fill will be put on an Order List.  No payment is required until your order is moved to the top of the list.  You will be notified when this happens and payment must then be made to secure the order.  The ‘Order Policy Agreement’ applies to all orders.  Please read it so you know my terms to build product.

Please include;

  • Your Name
  • What you want to order
  • Shipping and Email address
  • You will be provided with a PayPal email ID and shipping cost upon acceptance of your order
  • Feel free to ask whatever questions you may have in either an order request or a separate email.

 High Powered PEMF  High Powered PEMF Special Build Only

  • See webpage for new upgraded version
  • Completed PEMF Generator  Price $398.00

 Plasma Ball 1 6” Plasma Ball  5 available 6-12-18 Presently all orders go into a queue.  1st in 1st out

  • Modified 6” Plasma Ball -- Now updated with a 60 mm fan
  • 110/220 volt power module, Specify requirement
  • 30 Day trial Period  Price $115.00

Controller BD1 Universal Plasma Controller Board  15 available 06-15-18

  • Works with all known Plasma Ball
  • Only 3 wires connect to Main Plasma Ball Mother Board (MB)
  • Drive with TTL or 5 volt logic signal
  • Completely assembled and ships with free postage in the US  Price $20.00

PEMF PCB  High Powered PEMF PCB Board Fabricated on demand

  • Unpopulated Printed Circuit Board
  • Free First Class Shipping  Price $35.00

Populated PCB 2  High Powered PEMF PCB Populated, 3 boards being built

  • Populated & Tested Circuit Board
  • Board (Pig Tails)* Included  Price $128.00

Semi-Kit Parts  High Powered PEMF PCB Semi Kit, 3 kits presently being built

  • Populated & Tested Circuit Board
  • Board (Pig Tails)* Included
  • Parts needed for complete assembly
  • Hammon Box (no cutouts) 150 x 100 x 60 mm
  • 60 Day Trial Period  Price $189.00
  • Optional Update Price $20.00 (see video for more information)

New PEMF Adjustable  PEMF - Bob Beck Style 2 available

  • PEMF Generator
  • 75 Watt Black Light Bulb
  • AC Plug to 120 Lamp Socket
  • 30 Day Trial Period  Price $75.00
  • Kit available Price $45.00

75W Black Light  75 watt Black Light & Socket 2 available

  • 75 watt Black Light
  • Includes AC Plug Socket  Price $7.50

Overview  Frequency Converter


  • Main Frequency Converter Unit
  • Night Light observation & tester
  • 2 Trigger Cables with RCA to BNC
  • Spare 2 amp & 5 amp fuse  Price $249.00

Optical BD  Optical Isolation PCB Board 8 available

  • Unpopulated Printed Circuit Board
  • Free First Class Shipping  Price $10.00

Optical BD  Optical Populated PCB Board 5 available

  • Unpopulated Printed Circuit Board
  • Free First Class Shipping  Price $25.00

New Bifilar Coil  Bifilar Magnetic Coil 1 available

  • 6.5’ ID and Approx.  8” OD bifilar coil
  • 2 winding 168’ of 12 & 18 gauge wire
  • 1 Long AC plug to RCA Connector Cable
  • 1 Short AC Plug to RCA Connector Cable
  • Two (2) RCA to BNC Connectors Price $149.00

New Mono Coil  Mono Magnetic Coil  1 available

  • 6.5’ ID and Approx. 8” OD mono coil
  • 1 winding 168’ of 12 gauge wire
  • 1 Short AC Plug to RCA Connector Cable
  • One (1) BNC to AC plug Connectors Price $109.00

MAGnetic to Scalar Switch  Magnetic to Scalar Switch 3 available

  • Designed to work with the Bifilar Coil Price $39.00

AC Plug to RCA Phono  AC PLUG to RCA Phono Made on demand

  • Black Strip – User must specify
  • Red Strip – User must specify  Price $7.00

Polarity Reverser  Bifilar Inverter Cable  Made on demand Image Price $12.00

Parallel to Serial  Bifilar Parallel to Serial Cable Made on demand Image Price $12.00

Sunbeam Twin  Modified Electric Blanket 1 available

  • Will work with Frequency Converter Price $49.00

ISB  Internet Surveillance Blocker 25 available

  • Switched 5’ Category 5e Internet Cable
  • RJ45 Internet Cable Coupler  Price $12.00


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 * Pig Tails refers to the wires needed to be added for interconnection to all the external components off the Printed Circuit Board.  These are needed to test the board.  They are made long enough to facilitate building a complete PEMF inside the same PVC box shown in PEMF

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